The Effect My Kids Have Had on my Business

My two kids Benjamin and Kennedy have changed me, and they’ve changed

my business.

It has been a huge challenge to balance being a parent to little children and being a parent to a business too, but despite the challenges I can definitely say that my kids have made an extremely positive impact on the growth of my business and who I am as a person.

Whether you have kids or not, this is a post about the lessons I’ve learned since becoming a parent and how they apply to my business – and how they might apply to yours too

Being Super Efficient (because I have to)

Before I had kids, I remember having all the time in the world to work on my sign company.  I had stretches of time to really get things done and I didn’t realize just how valuable that time was until my kids were born. Once they entered this world, most of that time was dedicated to them and there was  little time left over to build my business.

Any extra time was typically spent catching up on sleep, and the blocks of time I did have to work on my sign business usually didn’t last longer than a couple of hours at a time without interruptions.Rink Family Halloween

It was a huge struggle at first (although I was blessed with a little bit of flexibility, allowing me take a few minutes off before the birth of each of my children) there were new projects I wanted to begin (our new site:, for a while I felt like I wasn’t getting anything done because I didn’t have as much time as I did before.

I Had a Decision to Make: I could either spend less time with my children so I can work on my sign business, or I could learn to work smarter and efficient with the time I did have to work.

I decided to go for maximum efficiency, and it changed everything. It was then that I realized just how much time I was actually wasting when I was working.

Suddenly I felt bad every time I went to watch some kittens on a YouTube Video or started yet again something that directly was not helping me achieve my goals in business and family.

I realized how important setting goals was, and understanding, even before getting into work-mode, exactly what it was that I wanted to accomplish in the allotted time that I had.

Cutting down the time I did have to work forced me to work smarter, and I’m so thankful I’ve learned how to do that. Even though I have two kids now, I feel like I’m accomplishing much much more than before my two kids!

There are several other productivity tips and strategies that I learned along the way.  I’ll be sharing everything I learned to help me become a more productive person – so look out for that in a later post.

The Importance of Teamwork and Having a Team

I think it would be immeasurably hard for me to raise my children on my own.  They’re very energetic and in spending alone time with just the kids, I’m always completely worn out afterwards. To all you single parents out there, you are amazing – I don’t think I’d able to do all that you do.

With that being said now is a great time to acknowledge my incredible Wife Sara an integral part to the 939Sign team. The most under-rated job in the world is that of a mom. Without my Wife, my kids wouldn’t be as cool (and good looking) as they are and my business wouldn’t be where it’s at today.   Sara is amazing, works much harder than me and is one of the most important reasons why my business has taken off like it has.

When my Wife and I tied the knot we became a team.   When we had kids, our team focus had to change.  Not focusing on us anymore, but our kids.

Having kids has taught us the important of communication within our family team, as well as the idea of how important is it to do what we can to make the other person happy. I’ve taken the same approach with my business.

I wouldn’t be where I’m at today and couldn’t do what I do without the help of other people, and you, the customers of 939 Sign Graphic & Marketing Studios.

Make Better Decisions for My Business

Before I had kids, I wanted to succeed in my goals of living a life by design.

Now that I have kids, I want to succeed so my kids can live a happy, fulfilled life by design.  This puts a whole new spin on the decisions I make in my sign business and why I do what I do.

I try to imagine my kids as adults who are talking about their parents, and I want them to be proud of what I have done and the decisions I have made.  A lot of what I do is the result of thinking about the future of my children – not only what I could do now, but what I can do to give them the most opportunity down the road.       This is the thought that guides me, and I know it’ll ultimately help me better serve my customers too!

Learning to be More Patient

We live in a world of virtually instantaneous results. Do a Google Search for anything and it will tell you that it took 0.10 seconds to complete the search.

Building a business in a world of instanteous results is difficult, because as easy as it is to setup a business these days, results and success are the opposite of instant – it takes a lot of time, hard work and patience to win.

Having kids has forced me to become more patient, because anything that has to do with kids will always take a lot of time, hard work and patience.

“It’s time to go, please put your shoes on!  No, that’s the shoe for your right foot. The other right. ahhhhhhh!

It’s bedtime, what are you doing eating Ice Cream?”

Since having children, I am a lot less stressed about certain aspects of my business, especially the parts that involve waiting for things to happen when it’s not entirely up to me.

Small Wins

The other day, my son pulled out his velcro batman shoes from the closet and placed his shoes on the correct feet! Afterwards, he jumped up and down with excitement shouting, “I did it! I did it! Look Mommy and Daddy, I did it!”

Who in the world celebrates something like putting on your shoes?  Well – my kids do, and watching how excited my son gets over the smallest things as he learns and grows is incredible!

I’ve noticed that when he celebrates these seemingly unimportant events, he keeps pushing himself to try something new, and that’s how I’ve structured how I move forward in my sign business. I take big goals and chop them up into tiny, acheivable milestones and make sure to celebrate after each achievement.  Building the website for 939Sign took nearly a years time, celebrating the little milestone is what made this achievable.

Can you imagine what it would be like to go up to a kid who’s excited tying a shoe or opening a door and say, “that’s not a big deal – anyone can do that.” How much of an impact would a comment like that have on a child’s life? How much would that kind of thinking limit a child’s motivation?

Well, that’s exactly how we treat ourselves a lot of the times. Yes, it would be silly to get extremely excited about the same types of things (like putting on shoes), but when we’re learning something or trying something new, we forget about the learning process and how cool it is to accomplish even the smallest of tasks.

Enjoy the small wins. They keep you motivated and moving towards your goals.

Adapting Quickly is Important

The experience of raising a child is very similar to that of starting a new business for several different reasons. To me that number one reason is that in order to succeed, you need to learn how to adapt.

In the real world, things will never go according to plan.  Plans helps us prepare, but no matter how well you plan, things will change and new situations, problems, and scenarios will arise, and when that happens it’s what you decide that will result in you being closer of further from that 100th house being sold or whatever is your goal.

Even before our son was born, he’s been teaching us how to be flexible.

About four weeks before our son was due, my wife woke me up and told me “it was time”. I don’t remember since I was half asleep, but apparently my initial response “I don’t have the time.”

Then, after she reiterated and I understood exactly what she meant, I freaked out. We didn’t expect all of this to happen so early.

After forgetting the “Ready to Go Hospital Bag” by our apartment front door, we ran back and grabbed it and then we were off. We had to leave Cali (our dog) in the apartment and call one of our friends to come to the hospital to pick up our keys for our apartment, then get Cali and puppysit for a few days.

Since then, our son’s been making the experience of parenthood quite challenging, forcing us to adapt in ways big and small.  But, I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

The same goes for my experience with business. Things never go 100% according to plan, and many times it’s the things that happen unplanned that turn out even better in the end.

I was worried about the impact my kids would have on my business, however, I can honestly say that they’ve helped me become a better man and smarter businessperson.

I hope you enjoyed this post – something a little different from the 939 Sign posts I’ve been publishing lately, and look out for a new post coming later next week on productivity!

Of the above lessons which one can you relate with the most, and why?   I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

Have an awesome week!


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