Foreign Investors Slowing Down & San Francisco Real Estate

In a circle of buddies before racquet ball practice someone blurts out that Foreigners are buying all the Real Estate in the Bay Area.  I kind of gawked but remained speechless, I had not read the article by Ann Marie Nugent on her blog :

Local Knowledge..Global Research..The Bay Area Team

After reading the article I was a surprised by the amount of foreign investors her team had been contacted by. 

Are you seeing the same thing in your neighborhoods?  Is this just happening on the 880,680, and 101 corridor’s?  Are your clients foregin investors looking to buy in the Bay Area?  And If so how far out do they look? 

Mountain House, Livermore, Santa Rosa, Gilory?

In reading Ann Marie Nugent’s blog she says “In 2012 Canadians were the top foreign buyers of San Francisco real estate.” 

Is it just the County of San Francisco, or does this include Walnut Creek, Novato, and Pleasanton?

Real Estate Trends with Foreign Investors

I was surprised in reading foreign investors were such an active part of our Bay Area Real Estate Market.  Read Ann Marie Nugent’s blog!
Are you being contacted by multiple foreign investors?
Do you think this is specific to San Francisco County or all the Bay Area Counties?

Bay Area Real Estate

I want to know what you think!  Please leave a comment below.
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Aerial Photo Provided with permission :


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