Pacific Union Real Estate, “Housing Affordability in the Bay Area is Down”

Thanksgiving is next week,

I hope you have your signs, a frames and riders ordered now!

As my buddies and I began racquet ball practice, housing affordability came up once again.  Our friend Chris, 38 with a family of three, began house hunting in August; his frustration was becoming quite evident.  Working hard to not go to far into deep East County area Chris was trying to find a home in Pleasanton, Dublin or San Ramon.  In his searching, Tracy and further continued to creep into the list of potential houses.  

With all the great holiday events going on it was evident that we’re fortunate to live the San Francisco Bay Area.  Chris didn’t feel the same as he was currently house hunting and exhausted of doing so.

“Yeah, it’s great here.”  Chris lets out with an annoyed sigh.

“San Mateo, San Francisco and Contra Costa are the most expensive counties to buy a home in currently.”  Chris was sighting the blog he read at :

(link to Pacific Union Blog)

Chris was overwhelmed with the mounting task of finding a home that was affordable in Contra Costa County while meeting his families needs.

The proof was in the pudding, prices in The San Francisco Bay Area are going up.  The market of 2008 was looking to be long gone.

What are you experiencing in your specific market?  Do you see the same happening in deep East County or only along the inner perimeters of The Bay Area?  I would love to hear your thoughts about this!



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