REALITY CHECK – 12 Questions That Will Challenge You and Your Brand

I’ve been talking to a lot of people about the upcoming launch of our new website 939HUB, but I was challenged – hard – by my good friend Richard Abbot from MediaInEducation the other day. He challenged me to answer a specific set of questions related to my services to help me discover my voice for my company, website and brand.

At first, I saw a ton of questions that I wasn’t sure I wanted to answer, but after answering the very first question I soon saw exactly how valuable and powerful completing this exercise would be for the brand that I’m creating with 939 Sign Graphics & Marketing Studios, and I wanted to pass this exercise along to you.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or if you’ve had your real estate business for a while – this exercise will help you in so many ways, it’s unbelievable. And it’s way beyond “describe your target audience” although that, of course, is important to know the answer to as well.

I want you to actually sit down for 15 minutes and answer these questions which are listed below. I’m really serious about this.

To help you get started, I challenge you to answer the very first question of this exercise by leaving a comment below. Next Wednesday I will select two random winners for a $100 gift card to shop here at the studio or online at! 

I’ve reworded some of the questions to take my specific brand name out of them. Some of the questions still include “signs and website business” or “sign owner” and are worded specifically for me, but you can get an idea of what the question is asking and re-word it for your own target market. Most of them will probably apply to what you’re doing.

Here are the slightly modified questions I answered below…

Your Brand

  1. What disease does your team or brand cure? (answer this questions, by replying to this email to enter to to win)
  2. Describe the essence of your team or brand in three words.
  3. How will the lives of people in your target clientele be different after engaging with your team?
  4. How will someone in your target clientele know about your team?
  5. How will someone in your target audience feel after his or her first experience visiting your website and self branded blog?
  6. How will someone in your target audience feel after visiting your website and self branded blog consistently for three months?


  1. What do you believe about the real estate businesses?
  2. How do you feel when you are talking with clients?
  3. What impresses you the most about other Realtors?
  4. If you were a home buyer or seller, what would keep you up at night?

Personal Experience 

  1. Describe your first real estate sales experience: feelings, season, timing (5-8 sentences)
  2. What excites you about the opportunities of this summer season in Real Estate?


I hope you didn’t think I would leave you hanging without sharing my own answers to these important questions for my business!

Remember, this is an exercise to get you thinking about the voice of your business and what you know about your target clientele – not just who they are, but how they feel and how you can identify with them. I hope you enjoy what I’ve written.


1. What disease does (939 Sign Graphics & Marketing Studios) cure?

If disease is present there is a breakdown in function and structure. In any industry running a well oiled business and designing amazing signs,logos and websites are completely separate functions. from the business side of running a sign graphics and marketing company, i.e. getting started on the right path (like knowing where to start and what to expect), creating a memorable brand around people’s business, spreading awareness of the brand to customers, and creating a tribe of fans who will actively seek out my brand and spread the word. Owning a business is more than just about the designing and making of awesome signs and killer websites; it’s about the brand and the experience around the business as well. (939 Sign Graphics & Marketing Studios) will cure a few diseases related to all of that. 1) The “I don’t know how to best market and brand my business standpoint” disease, 2) the “I don’t know where to get started and get the best signage,branding and marketing advice possible” disease, and 3) the “There’s no central hub or community where I can connect with other business owners to talk business and share experiences” disease. 

2. Describe the essence of (939 Sign Graphics & Marketing Studios) in three words.

  1. Inspired-interaction.
  2. Community.
  3. Game-changing-trendsetter.

3. How will a Realtor/business owners life be different after engaging (939 Sign Graphics & Marketing Studios)?

A business owner who engages with (939 Sign Graphics and Marketing Studios) will feel like they have a place they can go to for answers, inspiration, and a place where they can feel like they are a part of a community. They will implement strategies they read and hear on the site and in the studio and see results that will increase their business, grow their audience and fan base, and ultimately allow them to make more money. Their life will be easier because (939 Sign Graphics and Marketing Studios) will be the ultimate, top-notch, high-quality resource for everything that has to do with successfully marketing a business, so they don’t have to scramble, guess and hope anymore. They will have more followers on Twitter, Fans on Facebook and more customers. They will be more efficient during their daily routine, and although they will probably continue to be stressed, like any business owner would be – they will be confident in knowing that they are doing the right things to give their business the best chance to succeed. 

4. How will a real estate agent know it’s time to look outside normal circles form marketing and media advice in a changing real estate world?

They will either just be getting started and won’t know how to proceed, or they will have started and are not seeing the results they want. They are struggling to get customers, or even understand what to do next. They see other real estate agents being very busy and wonder – why aren’t people buying and selling with me. 

5. How will a real estate agent feel after his first experience visiting (939 Sign Graphics & Marketing Studios)?

A real estate agent and business owner will say to him or herself, “Yes, this is exactly what I was looking for. I’m going to take this advice and implement it right away.”

6. How will a real estate agent feel after visiting (939 Sign Graphics & Marketing Studios) consistently for three months?

A real estate agent and business owner who has been a part of the (939HUB and 939 Sign Graphics and Marketing Studios) community for a few months will feel like a part of a team and community. They will feel like they can’t get enough and want more strategies, inspiration and instruction from the community. They will feel like their business wouldn’t have grown like it has if it wasn’t for finding (939 HUB and 939 Sign Graphics & Marketing Studios), and they will not think twice about recommending (939 Sign Graphics & Marketing Studios) to any friends and colleagues who want to start or who already own a real estate business. 


1. What do you believe about the real estate businesses?

I believe the real estate business is an exciting venture with many possibilities, but it’s not easy, and I believe (939HUB and 939 SIgn Graphics & Marketing Studios) will make real estate business owners and soon-to-be-agents’ lives easier. 

2.How do you feel when you are talking with clients?

Excited; in a rapidly changing marketing environment their are more effective ways to reach customers then ever before.  The options of how to deliver your brand and the methods for delivering your brand are awesome ways to easily break away from the crowd.

3.What impresses you the most about Realtors?

What impresses me the most is how hard they work and how determined they are to succeed. They work long hours and deal with a lot of stress, but somehow always innovate and make positive situations. I’m also impressed because on the outside, it seems like they are pretty organized. They have systems in place for talking with clients, closing escrows, amongst all of the other things that had to happen before that point of transaction. 

4.If you were a real estate agent, what would keep you up at night?

First and foremost, where the heck am I going to get my next client, and how will I have already created a brand of trust with a perspective client I don’t know? That’s what would keep me up at night more than anything. It seems like nothing is ever guaranteed and I’d always wonder – will I have customers tomorrow. What would also keep me up at night are the possibilities, which I think ever entrepreneur in any space can relate to. In other words, I’d be excited that tomorrow might be a AWESOME day, where I close an escrow and take on two new clients. 



1. Describe your first real estate sales experience: feelings, season, timing (5-8 sentences)

The first real estate experience I can remember was at a doughnut shop in Walnut Creek not to far from my childhood home in Clayton, I was getting ready to purchase my first home. My soon to be home was a townhouse painted light brown with forest green trim. I signed for my first home right their in a doughnut shop on carbon copy papers.  This was my first real estate experience, and I was I was hooked.

I had been looking for a home for about four months, going back and fourth on a condo, town home or continue renting.  My real estate agent looked up at me prior to opening escrow.  Asked me if I was ready to make one best decisions in my life?  We closed escrow 45 days later.

I was handed the keys to my new townhouse, it looked huge to me.  It was two story’s with a sliding glass door out on to a small back yard patio. 

All that work, but I was thrilled.  I went outside to my very own patio and sipped a cold beer.  It was hands down one of my ultimate real estate stories, with a cool breeze and raising real estate values, I sat back and relaxed.

I’ve been consistently involved real estate ever since.

2. What excites you about the opportunities of this coming spring and summer season in Real Estate?

Being my own boss, creating my own success and crafting signs and websites that people can enjoy and that they can’t get anywhere else. To me, the marketing industry in particular is a little like training for a marathon – you get the right equipment, you practice the right amount, and you find the right spot, and you never know – you could hit the big one. You won’t always, and you’ll have days of little to no success, but the next day could be the game-changer, and I think that’s so exciting! 


I’ll be sending personal emails to real estate agents and business owners to introduce the 939HUB brand and hopefully feature a few clients in a round-up post that will go live on 939HUB launch day.

Does marketing your brand take some work? You bet it does! But, as Lewis Howes says:

“The only time greatness comes before hustle is in the dictionary.” 

You gotta put in the work folks, and manually sending emails to get the word out there probably seems like a waste of time to a lot of you, but over and over again I keep hearing about people jump-starting their businesses or getting massive results from sending emails, like Robert Miller from Income Property Investors or Chris Walker from Walker Home Painting Services.

A Revolutionary New Marketing Strategy: Write Content. Email. Click. Send.

In the next update, I’ll share the launch dates for 939HUB as well a launch BBQ at our marketing studio in Walnut Creek.

Happy Friday and I wish you all the best!


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  1. We take the fear out of shopping for a new home and selling your old home. We also relieve the stress from these processes.

    Mike Handlin

    Director, Contra Costa Association of Realtors

    Past Director, California Association of Realtors


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