Terrible Real Estate Agent Marketing Blunders for your Wednesday Hump Day

  • Terrible Real Estate Agent Marketing Blunders for your Wednesday Hump Day

HI Everyone,

The team here at 939 Sign Graphics and Marketing Studios likes to have an occasional laugh at marketing blunders.  Normally we are focused on useful tools and tips you can use to improve your business and your quality of life. But sometimes we come across marketing mishaps that we just have to share! 

Here is a little something for you on “Hump Day”.  We labeled this one under “Boost you Self Confidence and Look at the Marketing Mishaps of Others! ”Don’t say we never did anything for you”:
Terrible Real Estate Agent Photographs.

Consider this a collection of “What not to do”. Property photos so bad you’ll literally be ROTFL (rolling on the floor laughing).
With a classic gem like the used mattresses hanging out in the pool, these property photos are surely the worst of the worst.

Read the captions!

Some select gems:

“This property features a fully fitted kitchen, as viewed here by a drunk man lying on the floor.”
“So you take photo’s of your own listings, tell me more about what an amazing photographer you are”
“You just can trust a picture these days”

Time for a recharge on your hectic Wednesday!


Happy Wednesday


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