Tech Tip : Marketing on Facebook

  • Tech Tip : Marketing on Facebook

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Tech Tip:  Marketing with Facebook

Facebook Marketing is low hanging fruit. Discovering information which is most important to your network and applying it in positive ways to earn trust and build history with clients is a must.

Facebook is a invaluable tool to help you expand your practice for  Marketing. It allows you find at a glance what moods, interests, and current life changes people in your community are experiencing.

If you are friends with clients and prospects on Facebook, you have access to a tons information which you can use to increase the the knowledge of information regarding your contacts.

By spending a few hours a month on Facebook, you can not only engage people in conversation, but you can also use information you find there to add notes about people you hope to do business with in the future. Status updates, wall posts, and friend lists provide a priceless of information.

Once you’ve put together information about your clients and prospects, YOU HAVE TO utilize that information to enhance the relevancy of future communication.

By tailoring your communication around prospects’ interests, you not only grabs their attention, but reinforce your position in their mind as a thoughtful, helpful resource.

Here’s a list of some pretty valuable insights you could lean from a prospect’s Facebook page:

  • Birthdays
  • Aspirations & goals
  • Spouse / children
  • Upcoming vacation plans
  • Pets
  • School networks
  • Hobbies
  • Favorite sports teams
  • Other people they know
  • Life changes (births, deaths, graduations, new jobs)
  • Political interests & affiliations
  • Local community connections
  • Professional affiliations
  • Upcoming leisure activities (weekend plans, etc.)
  • Volunteer organization affiliations
  • Favorite restaurants

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